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Qualitas doctor explains Singapore’s Covid-19 strategy

Dr Lim Hui Ling is the medical director for the International Medical Clinic in Singapore, part of the Qualitas network. She says the  the 2002-2003 SARS pandemic helped prepare her and other healthcare workers to deal with COVID-19.

Singapore’s population had a big hand in helping stop the spread of the virus.

She credits fellow Singaporeans for helping stop the spread of the virus by willingly wearing masks, social distancing, and using a contact tracing app.

“Most people have been acting very responsibly and trust in the regulations we’re asked to follow. The ministers who run the COVID-19 task force are good communicators, so there’s been no confusion and everyone is clear about which phase we’re in and what we need to do.”

“Everyone wears a mask,” she goes on to add,  “apart from one or two people who make the papers when they don’t. And everyone does their best to socially distance and most people stick to the rules about not gathering in large groups.

“I feel fortunate to live in this surreal little bubble, where most people I know care about working together towards a communal goal. And when the borders reopen, I can’t wait to start traveling again.” – Adapted from an article first published on the World Economic Forum.

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