Malaysia’s Immunitee Health Passport Makes Strides In Singapore

Qualitas Medical Group is the clinical partner of Immunitee Health Passport, Malaysia’s first Health Passport to be accepted into Singapore. Scheduled to launch in March 2021, Immunitee is an open-source system that will operate without charge to governments and organisations around the world.

The system is designed to store personal immunisation records and vaccine data. The Immunitee Health Passport’s Unifier platform provides interoperability to securely share the necessary data with the various national health check systems being put in place globally.

The digitally verifiable health credentials are designed to give travellers hassle-free experience once the borders are reopened. It works with recognised laboratories to automatically store users’ test history on the blockchain and implements a secure vaccine tracking and tracing programme to ensure that the vaccine is both authentic and has been stored at the right temperature.

This verification is done within the app where the vaccine is scanned by the user before it is administered. Only vaccines that have been registered and tracked on the Immunitee system can be administered.  – Adapted from Business Today

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