Qualitas Health & Well Rehab Collaborate with TOY EIGHT to Launch Child Developmental Screening Service

Qualitas Health and Well Rehab have partnered with TOY EIGHT, an AI-backed health and education company from Japan, to introduce an innovative Child Developmental Screening service. This collaboration aims to empower parents and educators in understanding and nurturing children’s unique abilities, regardless of their developmental stage.

By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, TOY EIGHT has developed a cutting-edge screening tool that enables early identification of a child’s characteristics and developmental level. This valuable information equips parents and teachers with insights to optimize each child’s learning potential and provide tailored support.

The partnership between Qualitas Health, Well Rehab, and TOY EIGHT brings this ground-breaking screening service to selected clinics and centres. Parents can now access comprehensive assessments and personalized care by highly qualified doctors and therapists.

Recognizing the importance of local relevance, TOY EIGHT has received support from esteemed local universities, such as Universiti Malaya and Sunway University, in developing a screening tool and establishing a national norm specifically for Malaysians. This ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of the screening process within the local context.

To encourage parents to embrace this valuable service, Qualitas Health & Well Rehab is offering a promotional rate of RM200 for child developmental screenings booked before August 31st. This limited-time offer aims to make the screening service accessible and affordable for families seeking early intervention and support.

The launch of the Child Developmental Screening service marks a significant milestone in empowering children of all abilities. Through this collaboration, Qualitas Health, Well Rehab, and TOY EIGHT aim to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where children can thrive and reach their full potential.

Visit link for more information on how to schedule a Child Developmental Screening appointment and unlock your child’s unique abilities.

From left (back row) Nick Kumazawa, Head of Special Projects, Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd, Shun Matsuzaka, Founder/CCO, TOY EIGHT HOLDINGS Inc., Dr Philip Thomas, Senior Manager, Medical Services, Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd, Manimala Balasingam, Head of Operations, Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd, Tobey Low, Head of Early Childhood Development Support, TOY EIGHT HOLDINGS Inc., Maika Muraguchi, Communications and Assessment Program Director, TOY EIGHT HOLDINGS Inc.

From left (front row) Dr Junaidi Ismail, Country head Malaysia, Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd, Masaki Ishibashi, Founder/CEO, TOY EIGHT HOLDINGS Inc.

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